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Grifiti Slim Wrist Pad 17 Neoprene Smooth Surface (no nylon) and Non-Skid Base Wrist Rest for Apple? Mac Mini Wireless Keyboard and Magic TrackPad and iMac? Wired USB Keyboard, Anker, Rupoo, IOGear, Macally, Logitech, GMYLE, Gear Head, Genius, SIIG, Azio, Amazon Basics, Solidtek, Perixx, Verbatim, HP and other Thin Standard Keyboards Keyboards are super-thin, Grifiti Slim Wrist Pads are, too… Three Sizes Available and 2 different materials!!! This is our NEW SMOOTH SURFACE VERSION! We offer these Slim Wrist Pad wrist rests in three sizes: Slim Wrist Pad 12 for the wireless keyboard shown here; Slim Wrist Pad 17 to match Apple’s wired keyboard with numeric keypad or the Apple wireless keyboard with the Apple Magic Trackpad;, and the Slim Wrist Pad 5 designed for Apple’s Magic Trackpad. If you use the Magic Trackpad together with the wireless keyboard, the Slim Wrist Pad 17 works great. They’re perfect for Apple’s ultra-thin iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro wired USB keyboard, and Magic Track Pads, Logitechs new line to ultrathin keyboards, Microsoft latest keyboards, and just a Price:

Lalawow Estilo Aves Liberadasde Las Jaulas Tela de Nylon Funda Bolso Sleeve para Ordenador Portátil MacBook Funda para IPad Air Laptop Tablet Bolsa Funda para Ordenadores Portátiles de 8″9″10″12″14″16″17″PARA Mujer Muchacha Chica Encantadora OPCIANL SIZE (multicolor 8′)8inch