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noviembre 24th, 2014

iMac-Games Spore – Juego (PC, Simulación, E10 + (Everyone 10 +))

Apple IMac, by Kamy.

iMac-Games Spore – Juego (PC, Simulación, E10 + (Everyone 10 +))

iMac-Games Spore - Juego (PC, Simulación, E10 + (Everyone 10 +))

Requires: Spore to play

Gamers will experience deeper Space Stage gameplay with the Galactic Adventures expansion pack. For the first time, players’ space faring creatures will be able to beam down from their spaceships to explore new planets and earn rewards for completing challenging missions. A new Adventure Creator will allow players to build and share online their own custom missions, providing almost endless gameplay possibilities.   Partake in Maxis-created Adventures: Archetype ‘Campaigns’ – Archetypes include Warrior, Zealot, Shaman, Diplomat, Trader, Scientist, Bard, and Ecologist Use the Adventure Creator to make your own adventures: Terraform a planet then for the first time place buildings, creatur


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