5 thoughts on “GoPro HERO3 Silver Edition – Skiing in la Pinilla HD

  1. Hey! It’s 720p at 60 fps… you will not lose so much quality and you have
    the chance to do some slow-mos. But I recommend you to take another battery
    (or use the battery backpack) because at this resolution the battery goes
    for a couple of hours. To get even more quality, record your videos at
    10am-15pm…with more sunlight is awesome. I used the headstrap for this,
    as I did not use helmet for this day. But, if you use helmet for skiing use
    one of the sticks and it will go fine. Cheers,

  2. Hi, i own the silver and this quality looks awsome im going sking in
    feburary and im taking mine:) just wondering was this 1080 p and 30fps

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